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So I had made this resolution to myself that I wasn’t going to buy any more fabric for awhile. At least until I’d finished some projects. I rather failed at that this week.

Speaking of projects, let’s have a look at them!
First is my purple and white dot Ceylon.

I traced this at my first Social Sewing day, and cut it out that night. It got put on the back burner when I couldn’t get any of the sewing machines in my house to sew buttonholes, as it needs 16 of them. I did actually begin this before the blouse I drafted from the same pattern. Last night I finished the blind hem and got nearly halfway through sewing on the buttons. Sadly, even though I sized up the sleeves, they’re still too small, so I’m going to set in tulip sleeves like my Lovely Assam blouse.

Second there is the green circle skirt.

I swear that I’m not that into spots as it may appear. But this was the nicest fabric that seemed to go with the fox embroidered appliqué I bought. I got part of the hem handsewn last night (as I didn’t have access to a machine). Still need to finish that – I’m less than a quarter done – then trim, fold up again, and blind hem. And although the button’s sewn on, it needs a buttonhole.

Last, and the one that’s going to take precedent over the others for the next while, is the dress I’m going to sew for New Year’s.

As you may be able to tell, I haven’t got far with this yet. The top is going to be based on the Colette Macaron, although with different sleeves, and the bottom will be a gathered skirt like this one from Gertie’s blog. I wanted fullness, but am currently a little over full-circle skirts!
The lilac silk–cotton blend will be the main body of the dress, while the oyster silk organza will be the top section as an illusion neckline, like those used in 1950s eveningwear. I was going to sew in a floaty sleeve like a short bell sleeve, but considering the stiffness of the organza, I think I’ll go back to my current favourite, the tulip sleeve. At least I have a pattern for that that I know works!

So. How I have failed in my “don’t buy any more fabric” quest. First I was in Spotlight #1 on Tuesday, buying something for Secret Present Business, when I came across this adorable fox fabric that would go perfectly with my green circle skirt.

Then on Wednesday I was in Spotlight on Sydney Rd, buying some more buttons since I’d lost a couple from the purple Ceylon dress. Spotlight on Sydney Rd is sadly shutting down, so I got some fabric for blouses cheaply, as well as a couple of cards of buttons for $1 each. Look at those pretty green iridescent ones!


Today Belle and I went on a long-ranging expedition after our work Christmas party.
We started at Clegs:

This is my first set of transfer paper. I’m excited & going to break it out later tonight.

Then we went to Lincraft:

We have here some calico (=muslin to USians) to make the trial bodice for the NYE dress, a couple of fascinator hat bases (I’m hoping to make a hat for NYE as well – this may be ambitious), some veiling for same, and some more purple dot fabric so that I can make the new sleeves. (I squeaked it out of less than half the recommended fabric, from memory, so there was no leftover to redo the sleeves.)

Then we went to the Alannah Hill outlet on Brunswick St.

I got some grosgrain petersham for the hats (acceptable), and fell in love with that dark red trim. Bought the floral fabric to go with it. Plan to make it up into a pretty 1940s–style dress. Probably shouldn’t have bought it, as I have two other sets of fabric for making up into 40s dresses, but it was so pretty. And I do have several 1940s dress patterns that I have not yet made up.

Then we went to The Fabric Store. It was my first time.

The white fabric on the right was exactly what I’ve been looking for – white textured fabric to make a blouse with that will go with all my things. The cream fabric on the left with the fawn-coloured dots (I know, I know) was an extravagance. But will, I think, make a pretty Sencha blouse.

Next year there will be quite a lot of shopping my stash, I think. Although I do need some plain single-colour fabric to make skirts from so that my summer wardrobe is complete…

But perhaps not until some more projects are complete.