So I finally started working on my 1940s sewalong dress this past week. I’d been trying to get other things off my plate first, and when it was clear that wasn’t going to happen, I shelved them and finally got to work.


I’m cutting out my fabric at the moment, having traced the vintage pattern. I have no idea what sort of fabric it is; as I bought it at an outlet, there was no information given. I tried the burn test for the first time:


…which left me not much more clear, actually. It went out on its own, so it’s not rayon (or cotton or wool, but that was already clear from the texture/weave). It does feel very nice. I’m not sure how I’d classify the burnt smell, other than “unpleasant”. Maaaybe as “burnt hair”, which would mean silk, but is that just wishful thinking? And again, I guess it’s charred rather than melted. Certainly the black mess that was left behind wasn’t particularly hard, but rather brittle. I could crush it between my fingers easily.

Anyone more savvy with the fabric burn chart want to weigh in?

I don’t have several gigs to go to this week, so I should get more done on the dress. Woo! (I got to see both The Correspondents AND Tuba*Skinny last week. It was fabulous!)